Lite on Your Environment

Every detail of the BeLite chair was examined through an environmental lens. Constructed from post-consumer recycled PET bottles, corn by-products and foam derived from soy.


Movement, versatility, responsive performance and comfort. BeLite flexes and moves to accommodate your every change in position. This versatility enables you to move seamlessly through a variety of postures and situations in today’s kinetic workplace.

Move up and down with one simple action. To raise the seat height, remove your weight from the chair and lift the front lever under the seat. To lower the seat height, lift the lever while sitting in the chair.

The Dynamic Suspension automatically adjusts the recline resistance based on your weight to provide a smooth, effortless motion. Four independent flexors on the suspension unit support and respond to your movements – achieving natural, multi-directional movement with fewer parts than traditional chair mechanisms.

Move back and forth - find your preference. To adjust the seat depth while sitting on the chair, lift the lever under the seat and slide the seat to the desired location. Release the lever to lock.

The Flex Seat offers 270° of seat edge flex, without a hard frame or obtrusive levers along the seat perimeter. This allows you to comfortably use the whole seat in multiple postures, including side sitting. The Flex Seat distributes your body weight evenly to avoid concentrated pressure points and keeps you comfortable for longer.

The Flex Back responds to your movements throughout the day. The resilient Flex Back Skin supports varying work postures and a wide range of movement. The formed and tensioned skin ensures continuous lumbar support. An additional height adjustable lumbar support is available to meet personal preference.

For people who desire additional lumbar support, a simple and easy to install add-on is available. This add-on allows you to tailor the amount of support in the flexible skin to fit your body.

The height adjustable arms are shaped to provide an extension of the lumbar support, so your lower back is always supported, even when side sitting. The cantilevered arms provide plenty of leg clearance for seamless changes in position.

The movement of the seat and back are synchronised, holding your eye line virtually constant while allowing your body to stretch and rest. The chair geometry mimics your natural movement so that your back is constantly supported whatever your position.

Lite on Your Resources

Through a considered and intelligent use of lightweight intuitive materials, BeLite has been streamlined to maintain an exceptional level of responsive performance whilst being affordable within a wide range of budgets.

A reduction in adjustable, moving elements provides new levels of product durability. BeLite is designed to last. It’s what’s been taken away that provides you with more.