BeSide encourages collaboration, with features that support multiple postures and a diversity of people in teams and shared spaces.

BeSide's full, curved back allows for upper body movement and supports the lower back for upright, interactive postures. A gently contoured seat with rounded edges lets you shift positions easily. Cantilevered arms feature contoured arm pads to lean against when side sitting.

A buoyant, cantilevered form meets a four-leg construction with the option of castors. The dynamic seat structure creates an active ride for enhanced performance

The armrest on BeSide is contoured for side sitting. It also performs as a handle for easy transport.

A flexing shell moves naturally and provides a comfortable sitting experience. The perforations in the shell also allow air to flow around the sitter's back.

BeSide stacks easily and you can shift and store large amounts of BeSide chairs on a special dolly.

Fidget to Focus

Your brain's number one job is to help you move. Every thought, impulse and emotion is manifested though physical movement. Every form of communication requires muscle contraction and our ability to move is what allows us to influence our environment and each other. Our ability to process information and make decisions is intrinsically linked to our brains desire for movement.

We move to get comfortable, we move to communicate and we move to think. Our brain constantly pushes us to move - especially when it's not being active - hence 'twiddling your thumbs'. Fidgeting is your brain's way of keeping itself active and ready for something important. We call this 'Idling'. A state of readiness sustained by small motor movements that help your brain stay active and ready. BeSide helps you maintain focus by accommodating this state of Idling.